Oracle-Based ERP Extensions

Customized solutions. Increased flexibility.

When custom functionality is necessary to meet new business requirements, Insum is here to help. We build functions that address your specific needs and enhance the performance of your organization. And, with the right technology in place, your business is well positioned for growth.

E-Business Suite Extensions

Custom functionality may be the answer to dealing with new business requirements.

Although it’s true that your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can effectively manage core business processes, there may be times when new requirements create gaps that need to be addressed. This leaves you with two options: change your business process or customize your applications. Since the former would likely be a huge and costly undertaking, the latter is preferable. The key is to provide this service with minimal or no impact to existing installations.

Using Oracle APEX to build EBS extensions.

Today, many organizations are leveraging Oracle APEX to build EBS extensions that add this custom functionality. Because APEX is a declarative application framework included within the Oracle database, businesses can leverage existing skill sets to develop and deploy these powerful extensions. This no-cost option provides an effective and economical way to extend EBS, closing the gaps in existing business processes.

Using APEX to build these extensions provides some noteworthy benefits, including no additional costs for development tools or runtime environments. Security issues are minimized because APEX provides a hardened declarative framework. We make sure the extensions appear seamless to end users because the security settings and responsibilities remain the same. It’s also worth noting that APEX is mobile-ready, which makes it possible to provide EBS-based field applications. And since it is web-based, it still works if you move to the cloud, further reinforcing it as a viable long-term investment. Finally, because APEX is an Oracle product, manufacturer support is readily available.

Our breadth of experience makes the difference.

Since there are many types of extensions, from adding to or accelerating an existing business process to replacing it entirely, it’s important to work with experts who understand these options and the process behind them. Insum can provide that expertise. Our team has extensive experience with rich dashboards, interactive reports, customized data entry screens, dynamic data interfaces, and more. Our experts recognize APEX as an effective and economical way to extend EBS, and we leverage our experience to ensure the best outcomes for your business.

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