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Unit testing APEX – 3 methods to bypass login (with

Introduction If you have an interest in Browser Test Automation, you have probably heard about the rising popularity of  Cypress. I have enthusiastically joined the bandwagon after many years of being underwhelmed by Selenium. That being said, Cypress is a young tool compared to Selenium and there remain some open […]

How to build a productivity cube

What is a ‘productivity cube’, you ask? It’s a physical device that you manually rotate to mark your changing tasks, thereby elegantly tracking your time. We built such a device for the Insum 2019 Hackathon The concept is best understood in action:   To be clear, this product is […]

Power Ranking Oracle APEX 19.1 New Features – March

Just as we were about to publish this Power Ranking we received official news from Oracle on the General Availability of Oracle APEX 19.1! There were a few moves within the rankings but most importantly REST-Enabled Forms actually strengthened its grip on the top spot. Where does your favorite APEX [...]

Power Ranking Oracle APEX 19.1 New Features – February

Last year about this time we began a blog series power ranking the upcoming features associated with Application Express 18.1. The response was overwhelming. Mike Hichwa even admitted within the halls of Oracle the monthly power rankings provided bragging rights among the APEX Dev Team. With Application Express 19.1 New [...]

Developing PWA with Oracle APEX – why now is a good time

A PWA (Progressive Web App) is essentially a website that can act very much as an app does on a mobile phone or tablet. This is beyond simple responsive design, a technology that’s been almost universally adopted these past few years. Whereas responsive design adjusts the same information (desktop page) for [...]

Custom software development – possible and desirable, with the right tools

In any company, one of IT’s primary responsibilities is to continually increase the profitability of the organization’s information. In that perspective, IT innovation is vital to the company’s future. Innovation is necessary for survival, and sometimes, custom software development is the fastest way to achieve what’s necessary. ERPs can’t do [...]

Oracle Forms Modernization, Forms-APEX Similarities

In this second installment of my series on Oracle Forms and Reports, I’ll explain why Oracle APEX is ideally suited for Forms Modernization (My first blog was about Forms Challenges). APEX is a web-based Rapid Application Development tool that comes with the Oracle Database. If you already run an Oracle […]

Power Ranking Oracle APEX 18.1 New Features – May

FINALLY! After months of anticipation, Oracle Application Express (APEX) version 18.1 has arrived! Taking a look at the new features included definitely makes it appear it’s been worth the wait. There really is something for everyone. Where does your favorite APEX 18.1 feature rank? Biggest Mover Up:  New Create App Wizard […]

Dynamic Actions in Oracle Application Express – Go From Basic to Awesome

If you’re just starting out in Oracle Application Express, know that Dynamic Actions can take your applications from basic to awesome very quickly. And, just like a lot of things in APEX, they aren’t that hard to learn or implement. So, What Do They Do? In a nutshell, Dynamic Actions […]

Collaborative Development in Oracle APEX – Steering Clear of Trouble

The ability to work collaboratively as a team is certainly one of the wonderful aspects of Application Express, Oracle’s rapid application development platform. Developers work on a shared server and update their changes in real time.

Progressive Web Apps: Two worlds colliding to everyone’s benefit

The Story of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is now playing out at the frontier of two worlds, inside your smartphone. Once upon a time, inside your smartphone,  the worlds of Web browsers and mobile apps were very different. It never really bothered you. It was just like that, and you went […]

Blockchain – Technology you’ll have to Address, Sooner or Later

Blockchain is a technology buzzword getting a lot of attention these days. At its core, this technology is a means for securing data in a distributed database. The data is de-centralized as opposed to all together in one place such as in a traditional database structure. Its design makes it […]

Power Ranking Oracle APEX 18.1 New Features – April

It’s quiet. Too quiet. And while I have no official word from Oracle, something tells me we’re getting close to announcing 18.1 as being generally available.

How Oracle Application Express fits in with your ERP on a Cloud infrastructure

Many companies are now planning some kind of migration to the cloud for their Enterprise Resource Planning systems. This is because there are many advantages to getting your ERP on a Cloud infrastructure.

Vincent Morneau’s full collection of APEX Nitro tips, right here

These quickly digestible tips are to help you appreciate what a fabulous front-end development tool APEX Nitro is for Oracle Application Express (APEX), which is, of course, an awesome Rapid Application Development tool for Oracle Database users.

InsumHack18 – The teams and the apps they created

InsumHack18, our 3rd annual Hackathon was both the most challenging and the most rewarding to date. Teams had to develop an application for the Amazon Echo, as well as work with its personal assistant, Alexa. The entries were varied and each of them, rich in possibilities. A significant portion of the points […]

Power Ranking Oracle APEX 18.1 New Features – March

As of March 12, we now know rather than 5.2, the new version of APEX will be 18.1. March 12th also gave us Early Adopter 2 along with eight new enhancements. Where does your favorite APEX 18.1 feature rank? Biggest Mover Up: Oracle JET and jQuery Upgrades [ +2 ] Biggest […]

We’ll be at Alliance 2018 March 25th to March 28th

Is it possible that in this day and age, at an Ivy League University, an internal process can consist of a combination of Excel spreadsheets, paper forms, emails, and bits of SQL script? The short answer is yes. And, this kind of situation is more widespread than you may think. […]

Zero to Sixty Fast, with Insum APEX Developer Training

So you have decided that you want to use Oracle Application Express (APEX) to build secure and scalable web-based software applications on top of an Oracle database. Cool. So, now what? How do you get your development team up and running on this highly productive and versatile platform? Insum’s APEX developer […]

Get Ahead of the Curve with Insum-APEX-Pro

Oracle Application Express (APEX) boasts hundreds of plugins, dozens of talented bloggers, and a thriving help forum. We’d like to release a tool that will help grow the community even further! Introducing Insum-APEX-Pro: A chrome extension that adds extra functionality to APEX Page Designer. To install, open this link and […]

APEX Nitro streamlines front-end development – meet its creator, Vincent Morneau

On June 25th, 2017 at the ODTUG KScope general session in San Antonio, Vincent Morneau a long-time Insum employee was presented with the ODTUG innovation award for his development of an application called APEX Nitro. APEX Nitro streamlines the use of HTML, JavaScript and CSS when Programming within Oracle Application Express.  […]

Power Ranking Oracle APEX 5.2 New Features – February

New month. New leader. All in all some twelve features changed positions. Where does your favorite APEX 5.2 feature rank? Biggest Mover Up: REST Enabled SQL Support [ +4 ] Biggest Mover Down: New Create App Wizard [ -2 ] Previous Rankings: January 2018 Editor’s note: Each month, we’ll power rank […]

Well done Insum, and here’s to the next 15 years!

Funny to say it now, in the middle of February 2018, but happy anniversary Insum! It had actually been 15 years in 2017. Happy belated birthday? No, not really, since we had the anniversary cake and all, but I’ve only just now had some time to myself to sit down […]

Power Ranking Oracle APEX 5.2 New Features – January

Oracle APEX 5.2  may be considered a minor release, but it promises major functionality enhancements.  Which of these will move the needle? Each month, we’ll power rank the rumored enhancements ahead of Oracle APEX 5.2’s GA release. We’ll take the pulse of the APEX community, monitoring comments, talking to you all […]

An Easy Recipe to SAML2 Single Sign-on with Oracle Application Express

The Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML2) is an XML-based markup language and an open standard for identity and service providers to communicate authentication and authorization information.

OpenWorld Session Suggestions

OpenWorld17 is but a few days away. If you haven’t built your agenda, here are some suggestions

OpenWorld Survival Guide

For those first-timers it can be daunting and overwhelming. Read on and find out how to survive your first OpenWorld.

What Do Breadboards, Lego-Style Innovation, and Oracle APEX Have in Common?

What Do Breadboards, Lego-Style Innovation, and Oracle APEX Have in Common? Oracle APEX is purposely built for “combining components” to build solutions.

How DBAs Can Boost (or Kill) Innovation

How DBAs Can Boost (or Kill) Innovation – when DBAs promote and encourage the use of high-productivity tools, innovation can flourish. When they don’t, it suffers.

Oracle APEX Version Control: Give a Little, Gain a Lot

Oracle APEX Version Control – Mitigate APEX’s version control constraints by using good development practices that work well with APEX.

5 Oracle EBS & APEX Sessions to Attend at COLLABORATE 17

Learn more about extending Oracle EBS with Oracle APEX with some of our experts at COLLABORATE 17.

Oracle APEX: Low Code, High Innovation

Oracle APEX: Low Code, High Innovation – biggest benefit of low code platforms is increasing the number people who can delivering technical solutions.

Understanding Slashes and Semicolons in Oracle DDL Scripts

Understand and master how to use slashes and semicolons in Oracle DDL Scripts. Terminate your SQL and PL/SQL statements properly.

Oracle APEX and Statistics – R U Serious?

Learn how to integrate statistical calculations or machine learning algorithms in your Oracle APEX application with R functions.

Ready to get “Up and Running” with Oracle APEX and EBS?

We’ve developed an EBS & APEX Up and Running Package designed specifically to help you quickly get started with developing EBS extensions using APEX.

Why you should upgrade to Oracle APEX 5.1

Our top Oracle APEX minds highlight their favourite new features (IG, Theme Roller, new APIs) and share why you should upgrade to Oracle APEX 5.1.

Road to Alliance18 – Higher Ed Oracle APEX Success Stories: Valdosta State

Alliance – Higher Education Oracle Conference – Valdosta State uses Oracle APEX for enterprise-level applications with thousands of daily users.

Road to Alliance – Higher Ed Oracle APEX Success Stories: UC Berkeley

HEUG Alliance – Higher Education Oracle Conference – UC Berkeley shares the benefits of integrating Oracle APEX into an OBIEE dashboard.

Oracle Forms Conversion to Oracle APEX – Where to Start

Having done multiple conversions from Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX, I will answer questions that you should be asking before starting this project.

Manage Technical Debt with Oracle APEX

Every software project carries some technical debt, however, Oracle APEX can minimize that initial debt load. Learn about how APEX helps you do so.

Migrating to Oracle APEX 5.0 is PIVOT-AL

With Oracle APEX 5.0, you can pivot data within an Interactive Report and it’s quite easy. To accomplish this, go to Actions / Format / Pivot.

Top 3 Use Cases of EBS Extensions with Oracle APEX

Using a modern application framework like Oracle APEX allows organizations to create Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) extensions like never before.

An Oracle APEX Methodology for Success

Our Oracle APEX methodology is composed of different elements related to all aspects of an APEX development project from architecture to project management.

OBIEE and Oracle APEX: “Discovering” Interactive Reports

Here are five common tasks that should be familiar with Discoverer users and explains how those same tasks are performed using Oracle APEX Interactive Reports.

Oracle APEX Printing Options

Insum Solutions – Oracle APEX Printing Options. Decide between BI Publisher, JasperReports, PL/PDF, ORDS and APEX Office Print.

Plotting Open Data with Oracle APEX

As part of our no-code to low-code show at the recent Oracle Developer Day Vancouver, we created a demo Oracle APEX application that uses both historical and live Open511 data from DriveBC. The application also allows any resident in the city to contribute events using any device.

Oracle APEX is an EXCEL-lent Choice

If your organization is overly-dependant on spreadsheets, Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a free, fully supported, “no-code” solution that allows anyone to create a beautiful application that is multi-user, secure and mobile-ready.

Vancouver Oracle Developer Day Highlights

On October 27th, we hosted a Vancouver Oracle Developer Day in conjunction with the BC Oracle Users Group (BCOUG) and ODTUG.

Oracle APEX Security: Where Do I Start?

When someone asks if an Oracle APEX application is secure, here are some of the aspects to that question that should probably be addressed.

The Oracle Forms Modernization Journey

For many users, new business requirements demand new solutions, and while Oracle Forms does a lot of things well, “new” isn’t really one of them.

Options for Replacing Oracle Discoverer

There are a multitude of options available to replace the functionality of Discoverer, both from Oracle and third party vendors.

How You Know It’s Time To Modernize Your Oracle Forms & Reports App

Oracle Forms and Reports has some significant limitations, especially when it comes to the user experience. Is it time to modernize?

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Oracle APEX 5.0

Oracle APEX 5.0 is faster than 4.2; development in APEX 5.0 takes less time. Oracle APEX 5.0 looks better. You will stay supported.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Oracle APEX to Build EBS Extensions

Looking for options to extend EBS? We’ve compiled the top 5 reasons why organizations choose Oracle APEX when they need to build EBS Extensions

Oracle APEX Hackathon: Seriously Rapid Development

We hosted a Oracle APEX hackathon. Participants were encouraged to use new technology and solve a business problem in 48 hours.

Oracle Open World APEX Sessions

Heading to Oracle Open World? Check out these APEX sessions!

Oracle APEX Global Items Workflow

An application Item, a page 0 item, or a substitution string? This workflow will help you determine which Oracle APEX Global Items to use.

Best of Both Worlds: Oracle APEX and VR

With low-cost viewers and a VR framework, developers can easily create a ground-breaking experience for their APEX applications.

Oracle APEX Deployments: You’re Doing It Wrong

This article will cover how to automatically export and import Oracle APEX applications via scripts rather than a manual process.

Our Kscope16 Highlights

Before we finally close the book on this year’s conference, we’d like to share some of our personal highlights.

Visio-like Functionality in an Oracle APEX Page

My Hackathon team included Jason Aughenbaugh and Adrian Png, and we decided to bring Visio-like capabilities to an APEX application. The sample application we developed over those two days demonstrated a process flow one would normally document using Visio.

Insum Solutions will be well-represented at Kscope16!

You won’t have to look far to find Insum Solutions at KScope 16. President, Michel St. Amour, leads our largest contingent ever.

New to APEX? These Kscope16 sessions are for you!

I took a stab at building a session list I feel would have particular appeal to someone looking at APEX for the first time, or someone without much experience with the tool.

Think you know APEX? Check out these KScope16 sessions!

We’ve got something for the seasoned APEX developers among us.

Auto Selecting Text on Focus

The user experience during data entry can be improved by auto selecting the content of a text field before the user starts typing.

How Oracle APEX Changed My Life

I still remember the first time I used Oracle APEX (HTMLDB) in 2004.

Oracle APEX & the Future of Enterprise Development

APEX is no-cost option to the database; it’s already included. APEX truly facilitates rapid application development.

Oracle APEX and Bimodal IT

2-speed IT is about reconciling the different technology goals between business units who want to focus on iterative innovation with rapid application evolution, and IT departments who are accountable for maintaining enterprise class SLAs and understandably want to focus on stability and reliability.

Top 5 Questions People Ask About APEX

1. What is APEX? Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a Rapid Application Development framework for the Oracle database – rapid should be stressed. With basic SQL and PL/SQL skills, you can quickly create applications that add real value for businesses.