By: Francis Mignault On: December 7, 2018 In: Oracle Forms Comments: 0

Although Oracle Forms applications offer their end-users a web-browser interface, they aren’t particularly web-friendly.  Indeed, most Forms developers will tell you that the Oracle Forms development platform is simply not suited for building web-based applications. And, as Forms applications still play a vital role in many companies, this has...

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By: Francis Mignault On: November 8, 2018 In: Business Solutions, Oracle Forms Comments: 0

In my previous blog (2 of 4 in this series) I explained how similar the web-based development platform called Oracle APEX is to Oracle Forms. These similarities give your Forms developers the confidence and efficiency that come with working in familiar territory.  This brings me to the business advantages of modernizing Oracle...

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By: Francis Mignault On: October 18, 2018 In: Oracle APEX, Oracle Forms Comments: 0

In this second installment of my series on Oracle Forms and Reports, I’ll explain why Oracle APEX is ideally suited for Forms Modernization (My first blog was about Forms Challenges). APEX is a web-based Rapid Application Development tool that comes with the Oracle Database. If you already run an...

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By: Francis Mignault On: October 2, 2018 In: Oracle Forms Comments: 0

This post kicks off a four-part series of blogs dedicated to Oracle Forms and Reports Modernization. If your company still uses Forms applications, is looking to modernize them, but have not yet found a realistic and reliable solution, then this blog series will be well worth your time.   Forms...

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By: Francis Mignault On: April 19, 2018 In: Oracle Forms Comments: 0

It’s tough for companies with Oracle Forms. They are often told they should replace this 30-year-old application development technology. But then, Oracle will tell you that the latest version of  Forms will easily integrate with almost any modern technology your enterprise requires. So where does that leave you? Oracle...

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By: Patrick Bonneville On: January 27, 2017 In: Oracle APEX, Oracle Forms Comments: 2

Having done multiple conversions from Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX, I will answer questions that you should be asking before starting this project.

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By: David Schleis On: October 19, 2016 In: Oracle APEX, Oracle Forms Comments: 0

For many users, new business requirements demand new solutions, and while Oracle Forms does a lot of things well, “new” isn’t really one of them.

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