By: Insum Editor On: March 1, 2018 In: APEX Nitro, JavaScript, Oracle APEX Comments: 0

On June 25th, 2017 at the ODTUG KScope general session in San Antonio, Vincent Morneau a long-time Insum employee was presented with the ODTUG innovation award for his development of an application called APEX Nitro. APEX Nitro streamlines the use of HTML, JavaScript and CSS when Programming within Oracle Application...

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By: Monty Latiolais On: February 27, 2018 In: Oracle APEX Comments: 0

New month. New leader. All in all some twelve features changed positions. Where does your favorite APEX 5.2 feature rank? Biggest Mover Up: REST Enabled SQL Support [ +4 ] Biggest Mover Down: New Create App Wizard [ -2 ] Previous Rankings: January 2018 Editor’s note: Each month, we’ll power...

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By: Michel St-Amour On: February 21, 2018 In: Oracle APEX Comments: 0

Funny to say it now, in the middle of February 2018, but happy anniversary Insum! It had actually been 15 years in 2017. Happy belated birthday? No, not really, since we had the anniversary cake and all, but I’ve only just now had some time to myself to sit...

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By: Monty Latiolais On: January 25, 2018 In: Oracle APEX Comments: 3

Oracle APEX 5.2  may be considered a minor release, but it promises major functionality enhancements.  Which of these will move the needle? Each month, we’ll power rank the rumored enhancements ahead of Oracle APEX 5.2’s GA release. We’ll take the pulse of the APEX community, monitoring comments, talking to you...

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By: Adrian Png On: December 20, 2017 In: Oracle APEX, Security Comments: 0

The Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML2) is an XML-based markup language and an open standard for identity and service providers to communicate authentication and authorization information.

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By: Monty Latiolais On: September 29, 2017 In: Conference, Oracle APEX Comments: 0

OpenWorld17 is but a few days away. If you haven’t built your agenda, here are some suggestions

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By: Monty Latiolais On: September 14, 2017 In: Conference, Oracle APEX Comments: 0

For those first-timers it can be daunting and overwhelming. Read on and find out how to survive your first OpenWorld.

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By: Frank Hoogendoorn, collaborator On: June 8, 2017 In: Oracle APEX Comments: 1

What Do Breadboards, Lego-Style Innovation, and Oracle APEX Have in Common? Oracle APEX is purposely built for “combining components” to build solutions.

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By: Frank Hoogendoorn, collaborator On: May 17, 2017 In: Oracle APEX Comments: 0

How DBAs Can Boost (or Kill) Innovation - when DBAs promote and encourage the use of high-productivity tools, innovation can flourish. When they don't, it suffers.

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By: Martin D'Souza On: May 4, 2017 In: Oracle APEX Comments: 7

Oracle APEX Version Control - Mitigate APEX’s version control constraints by using good development practices that work well with APEX.

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