By: Hayden Hudson On: June 14, 2019 In: JavaScript, Oracle APEX, Web Services Comments: 2

Introduction If you have an interest in Browser Test Automation, you have probably heard about the rising popularity of  Cypress. I have enthusiastically joined the bandwagon after many years of being underwhelmed by Selenium. That being said, Cypress is a young tool compared to Selenium and there remain some...

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By: Monty Latiolais On: March 29, 2019 In: Oracle APEX Comments: 0
By: Monty Latiolais On: February 14, 2019 In: Oracle APEX Comments: 0
By: Vincent Morneau On: November 6, 2018 In: JavaScript, Oracle APEX, Progressive Web Apps Comments: 4
By: Francis Mignault On: October 18, 2018 In: Oracle APEX, Oracle Forms Comments: 0

In this second installment of my series on Oracle Forms and Reports, I’ll explain why Oracle APEX is ideally suited for Forms Modernization (My first blog was about Forms Challenges). APEX is a web-based Rapid Application Development tool that comes with the Oracle Database. If you already run an...

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By: Monty Latiolais On: May 30, 2018 In: Oracle APEX Comments: 0

FINALLY! After months of anticipation, Oracle Application Express (APEX) version 18.1 has arrived! Taking a look at the new features included definitely makes it appear it’s been worth the wait. There really is something for everyone. Where does your favorite APEX 18.1 feature rank? Biggest Mover Up:  New Create App...

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By: Jackie McIlroy On: May 24, 2018 In: APEX Basics, Oracle APEX Comments: 0

If you’re just starting out in Oracle Application Express, know that Dynamic Actions can take your applications from basic to awesome very quickly. And, just like a lot of things in APEX, they aren’t that hard to learn or implement. So, What Do They Do? In a nutshell, Dynamic...

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By: Anton Nielsen On: May 22, 2018 In: Collaborative development, Oracle APEX Comments: 0

The ability to work collaboratively as a team is certainly one of the wonderful aspects of Application Express, Oracle's rapid application development platform. Developers work on a shared server and update their changes in real time.

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By: Vincent Morneau On: May 17, 2018 In: Oracle APEX, Progressive Web Apps Comments: 0

The Story of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is now playing out at the frontier of two worlds, inside your smartphone. Once upon a time, inside your smartphone,  the worlds of Web browsers and mobile apps were very different. It never really bothered you. It was just like that, and you...

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