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What is Oracle Application Express (APEX)?

oracle apex
Oracle APEX refers to Oracle Application Express (APEX), which is a fully supported, rapid web and mobile application development framework included with the Oracle database at no cost.

Using just a web browser, you can build powerful and professional looking web and mobile applications that are robust, scalable, and secure, all with little programming experience. And, with its “batteries included” approach, where all the underlying complexities inherent in building and deploying web and mobile applications are taken care of for you, combined with the many wizards, built-in components, themes, and templates available to use “out of the box”, you can build and deploy applications blazingly fast.

Why Oracle APEX?

Because it will enable you to get more done in less time.

The digital economy is not kind to those who move slowly. With technology based business models becoming the norm across a broad range of industries, whether a company “lives or dies” is increasingly becoming dependent on shortening time-to-market and responding quickly to shifting customer expectations. Organizations need to both adapt quickly and iterate quickly to keep up, and this is exactly where APEX shines.

As a growing number of organizations discover how simple and easy it is to build highly functional web and mobile applications using this deceptively powerful tool, it’s no wonder that the popularity of APEX has shot up in the last few years. Both business and IT leaders are starting to take notice as an increasing number of organizations leverage the productivity APEX provides to deploy applications very quickly and with a very impressive ROI.

From Prototype To Prod

Why you'll love Oracle APEX

It’s free to use

If you have an Oracle database, you already own APEX. Using it won’t cost you anything.

It’s easy to get started

There are no complex programs to install on your computer before you get started. All you need is a web browser.

You don’t need to be a “coder”

With its easy-to-use interface where you can “point and click” and “drag and drop”, you can build amazing applications without writing any code.

You can focus on your problem

With the hairy details of web applications such as security, user management, access control, pagination and navigation all taken care of for you behind the scenes, you can focus on building your requirements and not get bogged down with implementation details.

You’ll be really productive

With numerous wizards, templates, and built-in user interface components, as well as popular icon and javascript libraries already integrated, you can build and deploy applications quicker than you'd think possible.

Your applications will look great

APEX comes with a highly-configurable universal theme, which includes responsive design templates, grid-layout for forms, and the ability to configure or choose from a number of pre-defined style and display options. So, without being a designer, you can simply use the defaults and build really professional looking applications with rich functionality that are intuitive for users and have a modern look and feel. And, best of all, with the built in responsive design, your apps will look good on any device.


Why enterprises love Oracle APEX

APEX drastically improves delivery times

With its simple browser based development environment, self-service provisioning, and many built-in components for building rich forms and reports, applications can be developed and deployed in record time.

APEX is robust, scalable, and secure

Since APEX is built right into the Oracle database and designed with exceptional efficiency, it is as scalable as the database itself. Failover and redundancy is automatically taken care of as part of standard Oracle Database functionality, and resource consumption is governed by native Oracle Database features (Database Resource Manager). And, you can leverage the built-in Oracle database security features and options, such as Database Vault, Advance Security Option, and Redaction, and also use the native “Advisor” to highlight any security issues.

APEX enforces consistency and reduces chance of error

It's a framework with many configuration options to control how applications are developed, as well as the pre-integrated standard libraries and user interface components, it’s easy to ensure applications have a consistent look and feel, which significantly improves user adoption. And, since it’s a framework with a ton of built in functionality, there is less code to write, which means less chance of error and greater productivity.

APEX is a team “force multiplier”

APEX opens up application development to a larger group of contributors. Typical web and mobile development requires a unique set of skills that is not always easy to find. With APEX, traditional Oracle developers can leverage their SQL and PL/SQL skills to become immediately productive web and mobile application developers.

APEX is aligned with industry trends

APEX fosters agile development practices and has strong support for modern and responsive application development technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, integrated javascript libraries, and RESTful web services. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s cloud ready.

APEX Responsive

What our clients say about Oracle APEX

At Essilor, APEX helped us develop our first mobile app quickly and at a lower cost vs. one of the proprietary smartphone platforms. And deployment and maintenance have been greatly simplified.” -Hervé Lassere, Directeur TIC, Essilor

“APEX has helped our organization develop applications more quickly than with other technologies we use, and it also facilitates deployment, especially since applications become available via the web and mobile devices.” -Yves Seney, IT Manager, City of Sherbrooke

“APEX is a great product that lets us teach application development with an Oracle database, including Web development concepts. The pace of development is good and our students already have a good understanding of APEX after 75 hours of training.” –Guylaine Turmel, Enseignante, Cégep de Trois-Rivières

“UQTR has been using Oracle PL/SQL to develop most of its internal and public systems on the Web platform (e.g., student portal) for nearly 20 years. We’ve also integrated APEX into our development and are extremely satisfied. Thanks to APEX, we’ve boosted our productivity.” -Georges-Martin Caron, IT and Technology Project Manager, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières