Mission, vision & values

At Insum we constantly strive to consolidate our position as an international leader in Oracle APEX technology.

By continually investing in our Center of Excellence and sharing our innovations with clients and partners, we develop innovative tools and techniques that enhance our knowledge of Oracle APEX and create a culture of employee training.

We use teamwork and knowledge transfer activities to deliver solutions faster and at lower cost and offer clients the top quality service they need to perform their best.

Insum was built on values shared by its founders, management, and employees. These values shape our every action and guide our work each and every day. Our approach is one of long-term relations with clients and an atmosphere of trust based on the values we cherish.


We undertake to act in a spirit of mutual respect with colleagues, clients, and partners to build lasting trust. We believe in good governance and ethical interpersonal relations and so we pledge to honor our commitments and maintain a respectful attitude toward one and all.


Making integrity a core value of our work builds trust and fosters success for us and for others. We are convinced that honesty, transparency, and consistency are essential to achieving our goals.


Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we uphold our reputation for excellence by providing quality service. The skills and experience of our professionals are key in this regard.


With our creative and proactive team, we are ideally positioned to offer clients cutting edge solutions. What brought us to the head of the pack and keeps us there is our drive to face new challenges and expand our technological expertise. Innovation is central to our work.


We owe our team spirit and synergy to our culture of participation and cooperation. We promote diversity and the sharing of knowledge to enjoy the benefit of everyone’s talent and perspective. That philosophy is a real motivation for us.


We seek to create an inspiring, enjoyable, human work environment because we believe that the well-being of our employees is fundamental. We give our staff the support they need for all their undertakings. This motivates our team, increases pride, and contributes to a feeling of accomplishment.